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No need to go to the tailor to offer a customized qamis

The qamis is a traditional muslim clothe, which is worn by millions of men all around the world: there are several shapes according to the countries, but it is generally made up of a long hooded-jacket and a pair of trousers which extend half past the calves. It was originally worn only to go to the mosque, but over the last years it became a daily clothe. So it has to be comfortable and light to be worn all along the year. But it is often difficult to find an adapted qamis in Europe: indeed most of them are too large or too small, and uneasy-to-wear. That is why more and more men choose to turn themselves towards a tailored qamis.

Custom Qamis at the service of your comfort

Created in the 2013, the website Custom-qamis especially speaks to the men who do not find what they are looking for in the traditional stores: so it offer the clients to create their own customized qamis with a tailor service. The website distinguishes itself by a wide range of customization options: fabric selection, shape of the qamis... Entirely hand-made in an Emirati workshop, the qamis are very well-made with the highest quality, and an irreproachable finish. Custom Qamis also provides unbeatable delivery dates, and an efficient and responsive customer support.

How to design your own customized qamis

Firstly you have to choose the size of your qamis (child or adult). Then you have to pick to shape and the fabric you want. Then you choose the kind of collar, and the kind of closing system you want. You also are able to add one or two pockets. Finally you just have to enter your measures and send it directly to the tailor service. After that, all you need to do is waiting to receive your customized qamis, about two weeks later according to the delivery dates you chose.

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