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Examine the quality of Schneider products

With a largely competitive price and proven solidity, Schneider products stand out on the market as the benchmark of choice in the electrical equipment sector. Unanimously, all consumers recognize that Schneider products are the best on the market. If this is so, it is because Schneider products stand out from the competition thanks to its qualities that we will examine. Robustness and durability During an electrical installation, electricians look for the best solution offering long-term longevity. In terms of circuit breakers, for example, the Schneider products sold on the site are certified for their robustness and durability. Hence the plebiscite they enjoy with practitioners. Prices at your fingertips With a product stock of more than 2,500 items, One Elec has the advantage of practicing very low costs while delivering a premium product. To convince yourself, you simply have to compare the range of switches and sockets from One Elec with those of other brands. Not only is the price lower, but also Schneider accessories offer more functionality. Certification issued before Schneider products are placed on the market To better meet customer needs, Schneider products are the result of a long process before they are put into circulation. With the experts from the Volta Labs laboratory, the products are subject to international standards. This guarantees total safety in use because at One Elec, Schneider products are certified to ISO / IEC 17025, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. With more than 1,000 customers in its ranks, One Elec sees its customers increase year by year. This is thanks to good customer service who are on the lookout to deal with all complaints. This is also what makes Schneider products popular.

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