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Thai massages

The Thai massage or Thai massage consists of a stretching and depth massage (without oils). In Thailand it has its roots in Chinese massage, Hindu Yoga dating back four thousand years, is considered a medical discipline for the treatment of many ailments. So it has a lot of success and benefits today. And do we join the world of the spa jacuzzi ?

The first important thing to know is that Thai massage should be given with love, patience, compassion and with the intention of serving and giving the best to whoever receives it. The second is that the body is the mediation to reach the spirit. Health is maintained by living in harmony with our own nature and what surrounds us.

When one suffers from: insomnia, nervousness, lack of flexibility, deformation of the spine, nervous tension, joint pain, it is time to receive the best of massages: Thai massages. That the duration is 60, 90 or 120 minutes you will notice results in your body and mind within the second.

Its benefits :

Facilitates the connection between body and mind
Reduces tensions
It enhances sleep quality
Facilitates interpersonal relationships
Improves the functioning of internal organs
Increases the flexibility of the muscles and ligaments
Increase self-esteem
Balances the vital force in our body
Improve posture
Regulates endocrine functions
Once the session is over, the final point is to go to the spa to immerse your body in the water, nothing better and more relaxing than ending with bubbles and jets of water. The benefits of water have been known for centuries and it is not for nothing. Many spa centers have understood the strength of this combination and propose it much more often to their clients. Whether you go alone, as a couple or with friends is an unforgettable experience, believe us !!

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